Services | REal Management - Integrated Property and concierge Services, by Minas Koutentakis, Athens, GreeceREal Management offers a wide variety of services in relation to the management of real estate properties regardless of the kind of property (building or land plot) and its use (residential or commercial) for covering the most common owner’s requirements:



  • Owner Representation: Towards tenants, building managers, the public (utility companies, local authorities, etc.) and the owner’s accountant and lawyer.
  • Day-to-Day Operations:  When problems arise, they are being recorded for future reference and the owner is presented with feasible, priced solution options in order to facilitate him to arrive to a decision.
  • Rent Payment Recording: Detailed data regarding rent payments is collected and recorded. In case of delayed deposits or non-conforming tenants, the owner is notified in order to decide whether informal or legal actions should be taken against the tenant.


  • Strategic Management Advice: Counseling on how to reform an owner’s total real estate wealth in order to serve better his overall goals.
  • Technical Advice: Solutions to eliminate existing weaknesses or emerging damages of the structure or its systems.  We provide suggestions for technical improvements that will result in facilitating the use and saving resources on the maintenance and operation of the property. The interventions that we propose are oriented towards improving the ecological footprint of the property.
  • Construction Management: Project management on constuction works varying from simple repairs to major refurbishments or even building reconstructions.
  • Brokerage: Lease or sale services targeting on utilizing the property’s financial potential.
  • Other Facilitations or Easements: Supplementary services on request may be provided depending on the owner’s needs and wants, and the property’s special characteristics.



The above mentioned services offered as well as any other information mentioned in our web site are solely indicative and form only a part of the available services that REal Management may offer depending on the specific needs of any particular case, and by no means their reference is or can be considered to be binding on REal Management, who reserves the right at their absolute discretion to withdraw or amend any part thereof or any clause at any time without any prior notice and without justification.  Binding will only be the specific services and terms which will be included in the property management agreement, which shall each time be signed between REal Management and each specific client for each specific piece of property and only after the above contract will have been signed by both parties, and the binding nature of each specific contract will each time refer solely to the specific client. Furthermore, any reference on this web site has solely an informative, indicative, non-binding nature and by no means can it be considered to generate any obligation, liability and/or responsibility for REal Management.