Principles & Values

Principles & Values | REal Management - Integrated Property and concierge Services, by Minas Koutentakis, Athens, GreeceWe act with integrity and honesty, implementing very strict ethical rules on every aspect of the operations performed. Our principles and values are summarized below:


For every property that we manage, an individual electronic file is created, in which we register all relevant information (address, contact details, particularities), documents (ownership contracts, rent and other agreements) and historical data (past and scheduled maintenance works, rent arrears, common expenses). This file is continuously being updated and thus provides us with the capability to execute all necessary actions timely and also to reach to useful conclusions on the property’s damage repeatability and the tenant’s behavior and habits.


We manage properties with diligence.  We collaborate with specialized, well-reputed professionals in order to achieve the best possible results.


Our cooperation with the owners is based on a fair private agreement and is maintained with transparent procedures and transactions.


We strictly abide by the rules of confidentiality, in relation to any sensitive information or data which we might come across and that relates to the managed properties, their owners and the agreements into which they enter.


We have the ability to formulate the scheme of the services to be provided, according to the owner’s needs and wants and to the property’s special characteristics.

Personal Contact

We keep strong interpersonal relationships with our clients, built on very strict ethical rules.